Best Places to Pick Up Older Women

Where to Pick Up Older Women

Maybe you’ve been constantly questioning where you can find a hot MILF. Cougar dens are almost everywhere. You can spot older women from coffee shops to gyms and grocery stores. However, to increase your chances of meeting single older women, here is a list of places you should frequent.

Exercise Classes

Of the places that you should think of when you want a cougar who looks after her body and cares to stay flexible, yoga classes stand out. Mostly, these classes are attended by women. There is thus a potential you’re going to have a lot of competition during the sessions. The hangouts that follow up the exercise classes make starting a conversation about how the ended session felt quite easy.

Cooking Classes

Older women just know how to take care of people. This could be due to the fact that they’ve thrown tons of successful parties and nurtured relationships as well. Because they’re knowledgeable when it comes to cooking, finding one that still attends cooking classes portrays she’s incredibly focused or they’re just open to learning. Find your excitement in the kitchen while making new, pleasing dishes.


Many older women increasingly check the bars to meet single guys. However, the bars you visit should depend on what you’re looking for. Ask yourself if you’re seeking a lasting relationship that will progress elsewhere, or just a quick hookup and a one-night stand for pleasurable sex. Once your mind is formed, you’ll identify relevant bars where you can meet the type of cougars your heart desire.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shop has grown to become the best place to meet cougars without much effort. Expect to meet the older businesswoman here before she sets off to her job. Get in line with a pleasant conversation and dig out to know if she’s a regular there. If so, recommend some iced coffee later in the day. It doesn’t have to be a Starbuck. Everyone drinks some hot brew before setting off for the day. No matter how small the coffee shops in your town are, hang around them and you’ll be surprised who you meet there.


Whether younger women or mature ones, online dating still remains the best place to find a partner. There are thousands of sites that specifically cater to older women. You won’t have to browse through tons of irrelevant profiles of younger singles while seeking your cougar. The advantage of these online sites is that any older woman is obviously there for a hookup. Once you find an enticing profile, you can contact them and let the romance roll on.

How to Pick Up Cougars Online

To maximize your chances with an older woman;

  • Emphasize your youthfulness. Most cougars will be attracted to healthy and strong young men who just seem fit. How will you draw her attention if you’re an overweight slob? Mature women are also looking for physical quality.
  • Allow her to nurture you. Let them feel like they’re taking you into their care. If she’s is pleased with you, she’ll do everything including playing the maternal role.
  • Regularly surprise her with presents. Don’t go buying her a whole town! The gifts don’t have to be expensive at all. Pick up anything on your way home that’ll make her feel like an important woman in the universe.
  • Show the type of gentleman you are by doing little things like taking her hands as you cross the street, pulling out the chair at a restaurant, and opening the door for her. It’s these little acts that make huge impacts when it comes to emotional attachment.

How to Have Sex with a Cougar

For great sex with older women;

Foreplay is everything: To intensely pleasure any woman, you need to understand that they’re more sensual and touch oriented than men. Foreplay engagement is very essential. Like any other young woman, dirty talk, sensual touches and massages as well as passionate kissing work wonders. Even oral sex is tremendous in turning cougars on.

Dominate: As much as older women love to nurture their younger companions, it’s different when it comes to lovemaking. Females love being dominated and commanded during sex. Some women are even timid to initiate such acts. Just check the balance and ascertain her needs to form your priority and that she feels appreciated. As the actions get heated, caress, fondle and remind her who’s the boss in bed.

Be adventurous: If you find your cougar accommodative, venturing away from conventional sex could be a great thought. If she’s strictly the vanilla type, don’t try it with her. Frisky older women who enjoy trying new things expand your horizon of enjoying alternative sex styles.

Be Spontaneous: If your woman loves being surprised with everything including sex, try some random sensual moments with her when she least expects it. Some women just love to feel their hearts leap with such unexpected moves. It thrills them with an immediate turn on. Before it all begins, a rampant dirty talk is ideal for getting her in the mood quickly. It’s all just the beginning of that spontaneous encounter. Remember females take much longer than men to become fully aroused.

With all that shared, here are a few quick tips of what not to do in bed with an older woman.

  • Don’t try sex positions you’re inexperienced with.
  • Don’t get too much carried away. Keeping boundaries is very important.
  • Be cautious of your relationship status, even in the bedroom
  • Don’t comment or mention something related to age or wrinkles in the bedroom
  • When it comes to bed, remember she’s a lover not a mother. Don’t come up with statements like, “That’s something my mom would do.”

Enjoy Your Cougar Time

If you’ve read through the article guides and ready to find yourself a cougar, one thing for sure is that you won’t be disappointed when you stick to the advice. If you didn’t know it, women get sweeter and wiser as they age. For a better time with them, learn how to approach them well or don’t try it at all.