How to Tell if Someone is Transgender

How to Spot a Transgender

It could be so frustrating approaching someone thinking you got your queen or your king only to realize otherwise. To avoid humiliating rejection, grab some foretelling features that someone is transgender.

The Voice

This is the first giveaway that someone may be transgender. Being transsexual is the main reason a male’s voice could be less masculine than anticipated. It’s closely related to taking estrogen prior to the onset of puberty or had his testicles removed to completely halt the production of testosterone. There are some transsexuals who have gone through this route. However, many of them don’t begin the female to male or male to female transition until later on in life. This finds when they’ve gone through puberty and most of the developmental body changes have occurred permanently. Most transgenders would thus acquire the rendition of a female tone when they speak. The tip is that the voice is hardly sounding like that of an actual female, thus easily notable.

Adam’s Apple

Adam’s apple is not as reliable as listening keenly to someone’s voice. The visible appearance of Adam’s apple is commonly more visible in men than in women. That’s why most transsexuals transiting from male to female will call for the cosmetic surgery to reduce the masculine appearance. This has become a common procedure in the transgender community.

Skin Tone

A fact across any race or population is that men tend to have darker skin than females. Most of the transgender men are increasingly relying on cosmetics to lighten their skin. This is because they’re striving to become more feminine with the skin tone most women are identified with. Another difference that may help point out if someone is transsexual by relying on skin tone is that men have redder and oilier skin than women. Again, men’s hair tends to be mostly darker than women.

Observable Behavior

When you notice someone whom you presumed as a man behaving weirdly, as if edging the feminine character, be ardent and observe them more. A male to female transgender might still put male attire, but how they conduct themselves will tell everything. The same goes for female to male transsexuals.

Why Does Adam’s Apple Stick Out So Much?

Adam’s Apple is the part of the body that sticks out at the front of the throat. It forms from the growth of larynx during puberty. This developmental stage takes place in both boys and girls. However, a female’s larynx doesn’t grow nearly as much as that of males. Girl’s voices get a little deeper as their larynxes get larger, but the fact that boys’ larynxes grow so much more, males’ voices grow much deeper than females’. You could still notice some girls’ Adam’s apple, but it’s usually not as large as in males. If you’re ashamed of the size of your Adam’s apple, and it’s driving the hell out of your social moments, you can have it removed through surgery. The doctor will remove the excess cartilage that surrounds the thyroid to dramatically reduce its size. Doctors can also enlarge it for you by fetching cartilage from another body part and have it wrapped around the thyroid.

How to Tell if a Thai Girl Likes You

To discern if a Thai girl is genuinely interested in you:

  • Check for attraction signals like smile and notice when she wants to be around you more often. Thai ladies are more conserved than westernized women. However, when they really like you, they’ll make it quite obvious with such indications.
  • She’ll get jealous of other Thai girls around you. It might drive them to start asking your personal questions, check your phone and even surprisingly start talking to you.
  • Don’t be too much astonished if she starts messaging you first. As simple as the messages may sound, for instance, “good night,” it means a lot to her.
  • She may open up to you and begin listening to your opinions about her.
  • If it reaches the extent where she wants to be cooking that yummy Thai food for you, man, she’s into you.

How to Trick a Boy into Dressing Like a Girl

  • Try the betting trick: have him join you in a simple but interesting game. Set the rule of the game and read it to him. Just be sure to capture it in the rules that you’ll choose for him what to wear in case he loses. It’ll come out as nothing but a game. Also, bet on a game you know he’s not good at.
  • Use the persuasive approach: try to convince him how you think he might look in a female’s dress. Bring it as a joke that leaves him embarrassed if he fails to try it out.
  • Compliment him: tell him how gorgeous he might look dressed like a girl. Time your compliments such that he will take you lightly on it and even dress up to prove you wrong.
  • Learn his language of love and give it a proper approach: Once you understand what moments are best to try your tricks, keep it simple but romantic and he’ll most likely put those clothes you have always wanted him to wear. Remember your manner of approach matters.

Why Am I Attracted to Transsexuals?

People are only attracted to what they are. Several studies have revealed that when a man is attracted to non-binary people, crossdressers, trans women or a combination of these, he most likely sees himself as a gorgeous woman. Again, cisgender men attracted to transgender women mostly identify as heterosexual or bisexual, but rarely as homosexual. Even their arousal patterns are unique from gay men, but rather resemble those of heterosexual men. The difference is in what arouses them – cisgender women and transgender women. They show little or no arousal at all towards other men.

Find Your Way

Don’t focus so much on what you readily see displayed outwards. Go for the finer details that prove or disapprove your suspicion. Again, don’t let the societal pressure pull you down because of who you’re attracted to. Approach your crush and find out if you can build something intimately uniting. As long as you get satisfied and respect each other in the relationship, let it weather the test of time.