What Single Mothers Should Consider for Best Places to Live

Where to Find Single Moms

Single moms’ parenting duties are not different from the married, only that they are on their own. When thinking of the best places to reside, the following factors should offer guidance,

  • Economic feasibility – Even in a single state, the economic feasibility may vary from city to city. Generally, the cost of living should not be unreasonable in relation to the average annual income of individuals.
  • Is the area friendly to family and children? Some places are more family friendly than others. If you give close consideration to educational and social amenities like daycares, your city of choice should be relatively accommodative.
  • Ease to commute – Think of low traffic density and good access to means of transport. Apart from making commuting to work easier, an area well developed in terms of transport makes activities like picking kids after school easier. A good means of transport won’t add than one extra hour on the road after a busy day.
  • Ranking in terms of social wellbeing – Life seems to be getting tougher and busier by each day. From the volumes of city names, it serves you well to pick places that are well ranked in terms of social wellbeing. Such cities tend to relieve their residents from the extreme life pressure experienced in others.

Best Cities for Single Mothers

As a single mother, you understand that it’s not easy to raise one or more children on your own. It comes with varied challenges such as offering your kids enough space to grow and play. This sends you thinking of owning a home rather than renting a place. The challenge is, affordable homes were depleted ages ago. Even the mortgages seem to climb up rung by rung with time.

We now have the factual ideas of best cities for single moms. Redfin’s study in late 2019 ranked the best USA cities for single moms. These top metros for single mothers are relatively affordable. They include McAllen, El Paso and San Antonio in Texas; Salt Lake City in Utah; Grand Rapids in Michigan; Minneapolis in Minnesota; Albuquerque in New Mexico; Baton Rouge in Louisiana; Columbia in South Carolina; and Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania

Living where homeownership is more attainable could be advantageous. It rewards with better arrangement than renting. Purchasing a home provides some stability compared to rentals. It’s a great hedge against inflation. It can also serve as a great investment that you pass to your kids.

Where to Meet Single Parents

Once you’re into meeting singles moms or dads, nothing should deter you from creating a connection with these gorgeous hard workers. Start by paying attention to this list of places you can quickly bump on hot single parents.

Local Parks or Playgrounds

Most singles parents will be out and bout with their kids when they find time. It’s hard squeezing time out of the busy day to share light moments with the children, but they still do. That’s why it’s hard spotting a single parent drinking with pals at a popular local site. One advantage of meeting a single parent on these local playgrounds is that you get to know their true selves while having fun with their kids. Next time you visit the park, remember there will be single parents enjoying short moments with their children. Introduce yourself to your attraction and take it from there.

The Gym

Apart from the gym being a great place where individuals take care of their physical and physiological wellbeing, it’s also a great place to meet other singles. Even single parents could be there, but without their kids. Staying friendly and open or engaging in conversations next time you’re there could make a good start.

School Events

Make a point of attending school events like parent-teacher conferences, PTA meetings and many others. During such occasions, introduce yourself and get to know other parents around. You’ll be probably surrounded by single parents. You might even meet a new friend with whom you click well.

Supermarkets and Local Groceries

With a kid or kids, most singles parents will have to go shopping for foodstuffs, wearables and so much more. You may fail to spot them immediately, especially when they visit such places without children, but striking engrossing conversations might open intimate opportunities you’ve been longing for. Everybody’s got to eat and wear, right? Grab an excellent chance to help them out at these shopping centres.

Community Events and Classes

Peruse your local newspaper for upcoming events. Free concerts, carnivals, farmers’ markets, and holiday celebrations tend to see many single parents hold the hands of their kids to such functions. Scheduling your time for such occasions provides new opportunity to meet single parents. Local community classes like cooking, art, writing, yoga, and even parenting classes could also be rewarding with single parents you admire.

Farmers’ Market

Arrange to visit your local farmers market for an opportunity to flirt with single parenting ladies in a more open and enjoyable environment. Mothers like purchasing fruits, flowers, and vegetables in a more promising mood. If you find who’s loaded from a series of purchases, offer your helping hand. It could be a great start of the conversation.


As much as we’ve counted several places hereabove, you may fail to find ample time to pay either a visit. We’re in the digital world, and dating shifted online too. You could search online for the lucky lady you want to date. The advantage of online dating is that you can do it from the comfort of your room. Even during short breaks of busy workdays, you can quickly get online to search and poke those profiles that you find attractive. A simple, internet accessing device like a smartphone, a tablet, laptop or a desktop can suffice. Online sites make it easy to connect with singles parents with similar hookups and dating interests. Most social media platforms are also growing up in the game.

Let the Hunt Begin

Now that you’ve gained lots of information about where to find single mothers, put your best foot forward. It could be luck beaconing you. Just remember that most single parents put their children best interests first. She will not just let anyone and everyone walk into their lives without thorough screening.