Learn the Difference between Transgender and Transsexual

Understanding the Difference between Transgender and Transsexual

Most people use the word "transgender" and "transsexual" interchangeably, but that is not the right thing to do because there's a subtle difference. You need to understand that gender and sex can be considered in cultural and biological ways. Biological sex talks about a person's anatomy, as a male has a penis and testicles and a female has ovaries and vagina. However, gender, on the other hand, maybe rooted more in the environment and culture. For instance, you'll notice that male children usually get toy cars and trucks to play with, but girls get dolls and dress-up clothes to play with, and this tells you a lot about the way culture shapes a person's thinking and mindset.Keeping the basics in mind, you can define transgender and transsexuals. Here's more to help answer your question, "What's the difference between transgender and transsexual?"

What is a Transgender

Generally, when someone uses the word "transgender", they're referring to a person who identifies him/her differently from his/her biological sex. For instance, you may call yourself a transgender if you're biologically a female but feel that a male identity is more suitable considering your traits. When someone thinks like that, you may notice them use a male name, use male pronouns, and even dress like a man. Such females who use the "getup" of males may even engage in activities you usually associate with men.In simpler words, a transgender is a person whose expression, identity, behavior, etc., doesn't conform to what people usually associate with their biological sex. Many experts are of the view that gender is mainly based on your mindset, whereas sex is mainly a matter of the body. It makes gender a lot more complex than the categorization of people into masculine or feminine. For so many people, gender may encompass more than the two main possibilities. You should also keep in mind that gender is hugely influenced by class, culture, and race because activities, behavior, and attributes seen as fit in one society may not be acceptable in another.

What is Transsexual?

When you talk about transsexuals, it means you're talking about someone who makes a physical transition from one sex to another. For instance, if a person who is born as male uses surgical procedures and hormonal therapies to transform into a female, you're meeting a transsexual. However, it's important to understand that transsexuals aren't able to alter their genetics, so they don't acquire the reproductive abilities of their new sex. That's mainly because sex mainly refers to the biological features, such as the balance of hormones, chromosomes, and external/internal anatomy. Most people are born as men or women, but there are rare exceptions, as some people are born intersex and have characteristics of both sexes.

It implies that unlike transsexual, transgender is a multifaceted term. For instance, you may call someone a transgendered person if he's attracted to women but at the same time is a cross-dressing as well. There are also people who believe they're gender nonconforming, so they also fall under the category of transgender. Other examples include people who consider them androgynous, multi-gendered, two-spirit, or third-gender people. But, the interesting thing is that these definitions are not always correct, and usually vary greatly from person to person, but one thing is for sure that these definitions point to a sense of alternating or blending the binary concepts of femininity and masculinity.Another very important thing to understand is that sexual orientation and gender identity are not always the same. Sexual orientation is mainly your enduring romantic, physical, or emotional attraction to another person. Therefore, you may notice that a transgender person can be gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, or even asexual. That's mainly because several biological factors, such as genetics, prenatal hormone levels, and early childhood experiences go into determining a transgender identity.

Enjoying Romantic Activities as Transgender or Transsexual

Now, whether you're a transsexual or you call yourself a transgender, you need to understand that you don't need to feel ashamed of how you feel about yourself and there's always opportunity to have a healthy love life with long-lasting relationships with both men and women. Thankfully, you can now do it by using high quality dating sites, such as Freesexmatch.com, where they already maintain a huge database of men and women interested in getting along with transsexuals and transgender people.The great thing about using these sites is that you can register as a transgender or transsexual or you keep your identity protected until you meet someone special. With extensive modes of communication, you'll have ample time to talk about your sexual orientation and the way you feel about sex. You may be a transgender man looking for another man for relationships. In that case, you can register as a gay member and meet other men who might be willing to have a relationship with you.

It's worth mentioning that though online dating sites will help both transgender people and transsexuals, it's important, to be honest about your expectations from the start. You can start a live chat and talk about how you feel about being transsexual or transgender. Getting in a conversation with your potential dating partner will make it easier for both of you to know what to expect out of this new relationship.The fact of the matter is that there's nothing wrong in calling yourself a transgender if that makes you feel happy about yourself, but be sure to use the right platforms to avoid being lonely when you believe you're different and deserve something special too.