What to Text a Guy after a One Night Stand

Texting a Guy after a One Night Stand

Do you want to text a guy after you had a single encounter with them? Ensure to agree on what you expect from him. It is not good to lie to him that you would wish to see him again when back in your mind, you are planning on how to ghost him. Also, do not be afraid to let him know that you are interested in seeing him regularly. Coming into precise terms with what you want from him will determine what to text him.

  • Did you enjoy your time with him?
  • Did you just let the one-night stand be?
  • Do you want to have friends with benefits kind of relation?
  • Have you grown interested in dating him?

It is good to take your time and be sure about how you feel regarding your hookup encounter, and from there you will be sure about what to say. First, decide on what to tell him to ensure that you agree with it. He probably could be a nice guy, but the hookup gave you a terrible experience. Perhaps, he had an off night previously, and this makes you want to give him another chance. It is good enough to have the right answers to exactly what you want before you go texting him undecided as you may wish to alter your mindset. Thus, it is always essential to come to terms with what you want before making a further approach from the initial hookup.

How to Ask a Guy to Hook Up Over Text

Before texting a guy that you need hook up, there is a need to comprehend that hookup is two-way traffic. In case you text him be sure that you are unlocking a gate-pass for him to send you those texts even at the wee hours. Well, if you are ready with organizing law and rendering to the two-way traffic then go ahead and text him.

Begin with something small

Unless you have something severe or know him in person, you can start off texting anything provided you remain clear and relevant to your intentions. You could tell him, "Hey come over we have fun.” It’s recommendable to start with smaller talks as you go up to the exact point as it is more approachable. In case this is your first moment in the dating site, avoid dropping a toe before diving. Begin with a dialogue. It could be more interesting, and the respondents will find it reasonable. You can complement them like “your Facebook stories were funny". Start with any topic, from which he can quickly respond to.

However, messages can be misunderstood and be misinterpreted due to misconstruction or irony and intonation. This is the main reason as to why you should be sure about what you want. You should say whatever you wish through the texts as there is no moment for embarrassments. Your main aim is hooking up with the guy so that should be your only goal in mind. Avoid flirty messages and funny emoji.

Texting a Guy to Hook Up Again

Texting a guy after a hook up with the intention of continuing seeing him could be one of the hardest things to do. Many questions will run up and down your mind.

  • What if you text him and he doesn’t reply?
  • What if he is no longer interested in you?

There is so much doubt in such a situation. However, if you know what you need, then you can remain calm and collected when sending the text.

  • “I can’t stop thinking about you”. This kind of text is likely to remind him of the encounters you had with him. You can tell him of fun you two had, the best dinner moment with the hope that he may ask you out another more time.
  • “Last night was wow” we should do this once more. Offer him a second date by yourself. Just let him know how you felt about the whole encounter. Do not waste your time just hit straight to the point and hear his opinion about the same.
  • You can also opt not to say anything and wait for him to reach out. Besides, it is two-way traffic and not more of a game. As much as an inner person is pushing you into reaching out to him, wait for a day or two and see what happens. He will probably text if he is interested or perhaps go silent completely if he’s done with you.

In case you do not want to see him again, there are still some things you can do.

  • It is good to be clear and precise in your text. Just remain straight to the point, and extensively applausive. Perhaps, he may appreciate you for being honest. However, if he is the kind of person who will get annoyed over simple things, you can choose to ghost him regardless. In such a case you can text “last night was wonderful though I was not looking for a serious hookup.” From that expect him to either respond positively or negatively depending on who he is.
  • Avoid giving a too-long monologue about how he is right, and you can't calm down or let it go. Just text in a calm, straightforward way like "that was a great nightstand".
  • "It was good meeting you". Although it may sound so professional like you would do in an email text, if your goal were not to meet him again, there’s nothing much to worry about

Proceed or Not?

After the one-night stands encounter, you can decide what you want from there onwards depending on how things went down. You may probably meet your potential boyfriend or realize it should not have happened in the first place.