How to Find a Sex Buddy

How to Find a Sex Buddy

What Is a Friend with Benefits?

A lot of people are interested in becoming friends with benefits, but not everyone is familiar with what that entails. Yet, when you look at the context in terms of romance, it’s clear that a friend with benefits is someone that you can have some sexual fun with and not get too involved with their daily lives. In other words, it’s someone that you can call up when the mood strikes, have a hookup and then move on throughout your daily life.

Yet, the friend with benefits can be a little difficult because some people associate it with a relationship, too. However, if things start getting too serious, then you can always tell your partner that you want to go back to being regular friends. You can let them down easily or just ghost them if they are being inappropriate.

There is no set amount of time between encounters that you have to meet in order to be considered a friend with benefits. You can meet up for sex every week or you can go months without meeting. Some people even keep their friends around when they are in relationships. These are just some things to consider about the topic of a friend with benefits.

How to Be a Good Friend with Benefits

Being a good friend with benefits is something that people need to know about before they begin such a relationship. For one thing, a good friend with benefits understands that the situation is mutual. You are both getting involved with one another, so one person shouldn’t determine what both of you do. Sometimes, you are going to need to be the person that is going to “take care” of the other’s needs before your own.

Many other rules apply when you’re trying to be a good friend with benefits. For example, you can’t go into it expecting to start a relationship. If you start to develop feelings for your partner, then it’s a very good idea to tell them and then cut off the relationship. Both of you are getting involved with each other for the convenience and not for the long-term relationship.

Another great thing to do beforehand is to talk to your partner and set the ground rules before you get started. You have to determine how long you are going to be together, if it’s a one-time thing and many other rules. You might be interested in fetishes and your partner might not. You have to have clear and open communication before you start getting involved sexually.

Last but not least, a good friend with benefits is going to have an exit plan. The two of you have to know when the relationship is going to stop after you start hooking up. It’s not fair to leave one person expecting something long-term, only to have their partner find someone else. Since this is a pseudo-relationship that is based on convenience and carnal desire, you can afford to be very open and honest with each other at the outset of the hookups.

How to Find a Friend with Benefits

Perhaps the most important part of the entire relationship of a friend with benefits is knowing just how to find one. So, if you’re going to ask someone to be a friend with benefits, then you have to be prepared.

The first way that you can start off finding a friend with benefits is by meeting someone in a typical way. You encounter one another at a bar or get set up through friends. When you determine that neither one of you wants to be in a serious relationship but still like the sex, then it is a good time to ask them to be a hookup partner.

Truth be told, that is a lot harder to do than it sounds. You never know if someone is going to desire the same things as you until you ask, and that can ruin the start of a good relationship. A much easier and more productive way to find someone to fulfill that role for you would be to join an online dating website. With sites like, you have the power to log in and ask out anyone on the website just so they can be a hookup partner. People come to the website to meet people just for this reason! So, instead of asking someone out and hoping you get the results you want, you can always sign up on the website and start seeking partners immediately.

While you don’t have much control over the looks of people you can meet in public on a given night, you can use an online dating service to find a friend with benefits with certain features. Imagine being able to meet a woman that is petite, in her late 30s, and desires a hookup at least once a week. This is the bare minimum of the search options that you can experience on a top tier dating site. Remember that when you want to find a friend with benefits and make it a reality! Remember, these sites can help lesbians, gay guys, husbands and wives, and a lot more!

Anyone can have a friend with benefits!

Becoming a friend with benefits with someone is more complicated than hooking up with someone now and again. It’s two people that are using one another for sex but also taking their needs into consideration. The relationship requires rules that you both must abide by so that the interactions can be healthy and fulfilling. All that being said, you have to know when to call it quits. That’s only fair for you both! If you’re still looking for your friend with benefits, then it’s a good idea to look at websites like to meet someone that is looking for fun and nothing serious!