Do Guys Like to Be Called Baby?

Do Guys Like to Be Called Baby by Single Moms

The truth is that while many guys love the idea of dating a hot single mom, they still have their reservations. The thing is that what one guy likes may not be something that the other guy finds attractive. In the same way, some guys don't mind being called baby when in a relationship with single moms, but others want to avoid it at all costs. Thankfully, it's nothing you can't settle when looking for a new relationship with an older woman, but there are other reasons why men won't date single moms.

Why Some Men Avoid Dating Single Moms

The truth is that dating a single mom is hard, as you have a deal with single mothers dating problems like yours, and it can be a bit off-putting for some. Here are some reasons why men would avoid it:

They Avoid the Drama

Men don't like confrontation. Single men would rather escape the supposed stress of dating a single mother, and just date someone without enough baggage. When men hear that a woman is a single mom, they're likely to think that parenting drama is inevitable. Men would rather not deal with that problem, so this is why some men avoid dating single moms.

They Don't Believe You're Available

Usually, single moms spend a lot of time with their kids. That's what they're expected to do, but that doesn't mean they don't have time for themselves, particularly if the investment is worth it. They like to meet a lady who has a lot of free time to meet. It's immediately believed that if a woman is a single parent, she doesn't have enough energy to be a man's girlfriend.

They Want More Fun

This man wants you to be at his disposal whenever he feels like being with you. Many single mothers are not built like that. He needs a casual friendship, so he realizes that a single mom obviously can't and won't fulfill demands for attention. Listening to reasons like not getting a sitter throws this man off meeting single moms.

They Avoid Raising Someone Else's Kids

No matter what the underlying factors may be, some men are not ready to raise another man's child. That's all. It doesn't matter to them how pretty a woman is, or how intelligent she is, because the man doesn't want to do it. He doesn't want that kind of burden. Some men have stated their concern that there will be no connection with the boy. For this cause alone, they reject friendship with single mothers.

They Don't Want to Attach with Kids

In this situation, he's not only worried of his emotions but also about the infant, what sort of emotional damage will he unintentionally cause on the kid as the relationship with the mother of the kid comes to an end? Rather than live with it later, he'd like to absolutely rule out meet single mothers.

They Don't Want Serious Relationship

It's not because he doesn't want to meet single moms. They know they're doing the right thing. They just believe that all single mothers want a meaningful partnership, and that alone keeps them from chasing single moms. The truth is that even though there are many reasons why men avoid dating single moms, there are several reasons why you should date a single mom. For instance:

  • Single moms are mature: They cook and clean, feed, wash, clean (and then clean some more). They've got to shuffle all over the place to do everything in the home. They're shuffled to the daycare. They're shuffled to the band rehearsal. They're going to team games. They're shuffled to their partner for parenting plans. It's a lot of shuffling around, so it requires a heck of a lot of self-discipline, not even to lose your mind.
  • Be ready for Fruit treats: Remember when your mom's just got these nice treats like pizza rolls, Fruit Roll-Ups, and a number of other goodies? It's no difference for single mothers, as they've got the same treats packed at the ready. You should be confident that if you enter her oven, you can taste the joy of childhood again.
  • Meet an Independent Hottie: No, not like a girl who pretends to be independent, and then ends up clinging to hell. Single moms are so preoccupied that they can connect pretty much on a fixed schedule — when they don't have their kids. At least that is true for the first moment you start dating. Why is that so great? Basically, you've had the best bits of all worlds: the partner and the versatility of becoming single. Single moms don't know if you're going to see a man at night. They like their room, too, but they never get it.

There are so many good qualities that single moms have because of the personal development they've gone through, and they're always moving on of child-rearing. It's like when you're free of your parents 'house, and you have a spot of your own when you're heading to work. You've been through a personal learning phase. It's no difference for child-rearing. Such moms needed to reach deep inside their souls and pull the strength out at moments where they didn't have it. And eventually, there's going to be a period in the partnership when you meet her kids. If you really love her, it won't be a hindrance to love her kids. Don't be like most boys, and let flawed reasoning deter you from actually finding someone you would genuinely enjoy. Be a man!